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3 Reasons Why Professionals Recommend Meditation

3 Reasons Why Professionals Recommend Meditation

It's no longer a secret that meditation produces multiple health benefits in people's lives. This, along with the ripple effect that occurs from adopting this practice, has caused more and more people to start meditating. Since the late 1960's when meditation became popularized in the Western world, techniques have been refined, studios have been opened and new methods better-suited for the West have been developed, making spirituality more accessible.
Waking Up by Sam Harris: A Skeptic's Guide to Meditation (Book Review)

Waking Up by Sam Harris: A Skeptic’s Guide to Meditation (Book Review)

Whether or not you agree with his views on faith, Harris makes a compelling philosophical and scientific argument for the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

The Benefits of Controlled Breathing (Plus 3 Techniques You Can Try)

Controlled breathing has long been used in yoga and pranayama to improve concentration and increase vitality. Now there is scientific evidence that the benefits are indeed true.
Viloma Pranayama: A Pranayama Breathing Technique to Feel Calm & Free

Viloma Pranayama: A Breathing Technique to Feel Calm and Free

Viloma pranayama is a pranayama breathing technique where inhaling and exhaling is not a continuous process, but one that is interrupted by several pauses. The word Viloma is...
This is Your Brain on Meditation: 7 Powerful Brain Benefits of Meditation

This is Your Brain on Meditation: 7 Powerful Brain Benefits of Meditation

If you meditate on a daily basis, several positive things happen. By charting new pathways in the brain, mindfulness meditation can reduce anxiety, ease pain, and instil a...
So Hum Meditation: An Easy Way to Happiness - Infographic

So Hum Meditation: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to So Hum Meditation [Infographic]

So Hum meditation is a simple yet effective technique that uses breath and repetition of a mantra to achieve mental tranquility and a state of joy and...
How to Reduce Anxiety with S.T.O.P Mindfulness Technique

How to Reduce Anxiety with S.T.O.P Mindfulness Technique

Have you ever felt like you're seconds away from an anxiety attack? You're having a regular day at work and all of a sudden you feel this...
How to Meditate Daily: 5 Simple Steps

How to Meditate Daily [Infographic]: Making Mindfulness a Daily Habit

Meditation is one of the healthiest and beneficial habits one can cultivate. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is quite simple to learn. It is also one of the rare...
Overcoming Addiction in 4 Easy Steps

Overcoming Addiction in 4 Easy Steps

Modern society has validated that human existence can be all the more meaningful by having an addiction. The definition of addiction as a strong, extensive need or desire...
A Mindfulness Expert's 5 Tips for Breaking Screen Addiction

A Mindfulness Expert’s 5 Tips for Breaking Screen Addiction

Nowadays, it has become so hard to go a whole day without taking a peek at our mobile phones. They have become so fundamental in the way we do...

5 Health Benefits of Zazen Meditation

Zazen in Japanese literally means sitting meditation. It is a meditation discipline and religious practice of Zen Buddhism. At the core of Zazen is having insight into...
Vipassana Meditation - Everything You Need to Know

Vipassana Meditation: Everything You Need to Know

Meditation is a complex activity. It takes time, composure, energy and a free mind. In a rapidly modernizing world, most of what we call as human dilemma arises...
A Quick Guide to Zazen Meditation

A Quick Guide to Zazen Meditation

One of the more notable practisers of Zen Buddhism was a monk named Kodo Sawaki – or “Kodo the Homeless” as he was nicknamed for his refusal...
5-Minute Meditation Technique for Cultivating Mindfulness

Get Better at Mindfulness with this 5-Minute Breathing Meditation Technique

Mindfulness meditation, when practiced regularly, has several benefits. Reducing stress, anxiety, and helping one cope with depression are just a few of them. One study conducted by Harvard found...
Ujjayi Breath Pranayama

Ujjayi Breathing Technique: A Pranayama Exercise for Beginners

Ujjayi breathing technique is one of the simplest Pranayama exercises and therefore ideal for beginners. It is also the only Pranayama breathing technique which can be practiced...
The Beginner's Guide to Ashtanga Yoga

An Introduction to Patanjali’s Eightfold Path of Yoga

This article is an introduction to Soulful Arogya's Yoga 101 series where we explore steps and benefits of beginner and intermediate level yoga asanas.  Before practicing yoga,...
Breathing Exercises for Insomnia: 3 Best Techniques

Breathing Exercises for Insomnia: 3 Simple Techniques

Insomnia is a serious sleep disorder which can have a huge impact on our physical and mental health. People suffering from insomnia either experience difficulty sleeping or staying...
The Third Eye Meditation Technique

The Third Eye Meditation Technique

The Kundalini theory of yoga gives much importance to the third eye – the Ajna chakra. It is believed to be an enlightened state of consciousness that...
Walking Meditation: A Zen Mindfulness Technique to Overcome Anxiety

The Ultimate Guide to Walking Meditation [Infographic]

In this article, we'll explore the roots of walking meditation and how you can master this wonderful mindfulness technique.
Chakra Meditation

The Beginner’s Guide to Chakra Meditation

Chakras are the energy centers in our body. Chakras (meaning wheel in Sanskrit) represent the meeting points for the different energy channels in our body. When energy is...
Loving Kindness Meditation is a popular Zen meditation technique which is practiced to develop compassion towards oneself and for all living beings.

Loving Kindness Meditation: A Zen Technique to Boost Compassion

The objective of doing loving kindness meditation is to overcome feelings of negativity or self-doubt.

7 Tips on How to Meditate for Beginners

Congratulations. If you are here, we are sure you are on the right path to energy healing and great health benefits. Looking to begin is always step...
Balasana Steps and Benefits

How to Practice Balasana (Child’s Pose) and What are its Benefits?

Balasana is one of the most simple and delightful yoga asanas which can be practiced at the comfort of your home. It's commonly called the child's pose...
How to Practice Tibetan Pranayama

Tibetan Pranayama: The Little-Known Meditation Technique with Powerful Benefits

The Tibetan Pranayama is most effective when one feels low on energy or vitality.
3 Pranayama Breathing Techniques for Beginners

3 Pranayama Breathing Techniques for Beginners

Pranayama is a yogic discipline with origins in Ancient India. It is the fourth limb of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga mentioned in the Yoga Sutras...



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