10 Ramana Maharshi Quotes That Will Inspire You To Truly Be Yourself


Ramana Maharshi QuotesRamana Maharshi was a renowned Indian sage who was regarded by many as an enlightened being. At age 16, a
sudden fear of death captivated him and brought a great change in him. He became detached and initiated a process of self-enquiry. During his ‘death experience’, he became aware of a force which he recognized as his true ‘self’ and which he later identified with Ishwara. This led him on a journey of self-investigation or self-enquiry and his teachings are mainly centred around self-enquiry as a crucial method to clear away ignorance and attain spiritual enlightenment.

He attracted many devotees from all around the world. His teachings were brought to the west through the book A Search in Secret India by Paul Brunton. In his ashram, he gave frequent talks to his disciples and answered their questions and concerns. His teachings on self-inquiry, yoga, and meditation are explained in Ramana Maharshi’s own words in the book Be As You Are, edited by one of his disciples, David Godman. Here are ten of his most inspiring quotes:

10 Inspiring Ramana Maharshi Quotes

1. Ramana Maharshi Quote 1

2. Ramana Maharshi Quote 2


4. Ramana Maharshi Quote 4

5. Ramana Maharshi Quote 5

6. Ramana Maharshi Quote 6

7. Ramana Maharshi Quote 8 Ramana Maharshi Quote 8

8. Ramana Maharshi Quote 9

9. Ramana Maharshi Quote 10

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