6 Inspirational Quotes to Start Your Day


For most of us, waking up in the morning and starting the day off on a good note can be a challenging task. Our minds are constantly plagued by negative thoughts about the past or the present challenges that we are about to face.

Sometimes, all it takes to get us on track is a single quote that hits close to home. All we might need to wake up in the morning are mere words that resonate deeply with us.

To help you start your day better, here are my favorite 6 inspirational meditation quotes that have guided me along. I hope they will help you on your journey too.

On Finding Happiness

Whatever yesterday has been, always know that you have a choice in life and that you can choose to be happy today!

As much of meditation teaches us, happiness comes from inside. Don’t derive happiness from others, but instead remember that you can only truly be happy if you search from within.


Gratitude is something we often take for granted. Just stopping and take into account the present moment with all its little gifts will help us frame the rest of our day. Be grateful for all the things that we often overlook.

On New Beginnings

6 Inspirational Quotes to Start Your Day - Soulful Arogya

An important lesson that meditation teaches us is to not dwell on the past or the future. It teaches us to be present, and that each day is a new day in and of its own. Meditation, as with this quote, teaches us to let go of the past and begin each new day whole.


On Meditation
6 Inspirational Quotes to Start Your Day - Soulful Arogya

For many of us, the fear of meditation comes from the thought that it is an overwhelming practice. The idea that one must sit in silence and quiet their mind is a difficult concept to grasp at times. But the reality is, meditation is about being aware. Meditation also begins to be a conscious breath. If you want to meditate but don’t know where to start, begin by being aware of each inhalation and each exhalation.
Meditation Quotes - Soulful Arogya

Always be reminded to be present in the here and the now. Think about tomorrow when tomorrow actually happens. Use the time you currently have to just be here. Don’t dwell on something that has happened or worry about something that has not. Enjoy the moment. Live in it.

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