Coconut Oil Wonder: 5 Benefits You Cannot Dismiss

The benefits of coconut oil listed here are too remarkable to ignore.


Coconut oil is one of the products that could greatly affirm why coconut is the tree of life. Coconut oil, also called as copra oil is an edible oil extracted from coconut meat. Its oil extract has been widely considered as one of the sources of natural healing. Aside from being a household essential in cooking, coconut oil also offers a variety of added uses. Some of these would be its benefit in health and skin care. Aside from moisture, nourishment, energy boosting and cardiovascular aid, here are some of the other benefits that we could get out of coconut oil.

5 Amazing Coconut Oil Benefits

1. Coconut Oil is a Good Dietary Supplement

Contrary to what people under extensive diet believe in, fat is one of our body’s essential nutrients. Coconut oil is a good source of saturated fat in the form of lauric acid. It promotes lower cholesterol and overall health used to rejuvenate cells and aids better hormone secretion.

2. Coconut Oil is a Natural Body Shield

Copra oil is tapped in the field of alternative medicine because of its evident healing characteristics. It has anti-inflammatory components and is able to block bad bacteria. It also prevents diabetes since it has a good effect in insulin secretion. It also lessens the odds of Alzheimer’s disease because it aids the production of ketones in the brain.

3. Coconut Oil is One of the Best Cooking Buddies

Most oils become rancid at very low heat levels. Rancid oils are harmful for the body because they are considered as carcinogenic. Moreover, it is also helps food become creamier. You can add it up on smoothies or make it a spread on bagels for those who do not eat dairy. It can also be a substitute for molasses if you just want to add some sweetness to your pastries.

4. Coconut Oil Promotes Optimum Health Care

Copra is a good all-natural alternative health care. It improves oral health by blocking bacteria from cavities in spreading. It also benefits skin care by being a good moisturizing agent and it also softens nail cuticles. More so, coconut oil is also used as an ingredient in face mask to remove excess oils and black heads. It is also used as an ingredient in hair conditioning to maintain a silky, dandruff-free hair.

5. Coconut Oil is a Complete Household Solution

Be it loosening door hinges, wood polishing or removing shower dirt, coconut oil is very effective. You could also make your food toxin-free by regularly putting at least three tablespoons of coconut oil in your fridge. Like charcoal, coconut oil also eliminates the repulsive odor from your fridge coming from the hodgepodge of food components stored in there.

Coconut oil is indeed a wonder product. Researches and studies are in a continuing pursuit to discover more uses of coconut oil. Regardless, these benefits listed here are already too remarkable to just ignore. Coconut is not called the tree of life for nothing and coconut oil absolutely have that truth in check will all the wonderful things it can do from food, household, health care and contributory to our body’s defense system.

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