The Incredible Health Benefits of Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam)

It is hard to believe that this delicious jam can have so many amazing health benefits.

Gulkand Health Benefits
A Jar of Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam)

Rose symbolizes love. From the color to the fragrance, the beauty of rose has been the inspiration to many poets and artists. Besides its beauty and fragrance, rose has been considered highly therapeutic in Ayurveda.

One important use of rose is in the form of Gulkand. Gulkand is a jam prepared from delicate rose petals. The literal meaning of gulkand is – gul= rose; kand=sweet. Gulkand is used in many sweet dishes.

This yummy jam is available in confectionary and Ayurvedic stores in your city.

It is hard to believe that this delicious jam can have so many amazing health benefits.

Gulkand Health Benefits

1. It cools the body

Gulkand has the property to cool your body. This can be beneficial for acidity. So if you face acidity often, Gulkand can be your ‘cool’ friend. During summers, even eating a small amount of gulkand can help you fight various heat conditions like sunstroke and nose bleeding.

2. It’s good for the skin

Gulkand is  a great blood purifier. This can give you clear skin and glowing health. Removes toxins from the body and purifies blood. So it helps to keep skin clean and clear and also prevents skin diseases like boils, blisters, acne etc.

3. It is an excellent digestive tonic

Gulkand improves digestion, appetite, and helps in controlling digestive problems.

4. It has a calming effect

Gulkand has a calming effect on the nervous system, helping us fight stress and fatigue. Its power antioxidant properties help in rejuvenation.

A Simple Healthy Gulkand Recipe

Try making this rose petal jam recipe for good health.

  • 200 grams of slight pink firm rose petals and 100 grams of sugar
  • Mix crushed rose petals and sugar together
  • Put it in a glass jar and keep under the sun the whole day for 6 weeks
  • After the contents have mixed well and the dark jam is seen, close and keep it aside for 2weeks
  • The yum jam is ready

You can try to prepare this at home. However this is not advisable for diabetic patients as this is high on sugar. In addition, if you’re on a weight-loss diet, then it’s advisable to have gulkand in small quantities.


Nature has the secrets to arogya (holistic health), peace, and happiness. Let us appreciate the beauty and benefits of this wonderful Ayurvedic gift.

You can order this delicious jam from Amazon. The link is given below.

Gulkand Jam (Rose Petal Jam) on Amazon

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