Holistic Healing Through Ayurveda Cleansing


Holistic Healing Through Ayurveda CleansingWhen things drown us into nothing but stress, we all just want some calm and quiet to bring us to reality. At these times, it is not normative to be burnt out.

As a result, we start to complain about a lot of things in our body, thinking that we are ailing somewhere within our anatomy, feeling as if we could narrow down stress into a collective term called disease. And so we spend time looking for hasty treatments forgetting that perhaps all we need is a relaxed time to get in touch with our innate beings.

In settings like what is aforementioned, there should be a conscious effort in our part to correct physical imbalances. Detoxification or cleansing is one of the traditional ways to ward off physical impurities. It is said that physical balance leads to a more important balance in mind and in spirit. One of these cleansing practices is Ayurveda.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an alternative medicine practice that traces its roots from ancient India. It has been long associated with traditional surgical medicine as it was used in suturing wounds and in the extraction of foreign objects from the body.

The main tenet of Ayurveda medicine states that balance leads to health and imbalance leads to disease. To prevent the likelihood of illnesses, a person must then develop high self-awareness and inner sensitivity to keep track of the balance between three important elements: the body, mind, and spirit.

Ayurveda is roughly translated as the “science of life.” As a system of healing, it believes that our health in the three elements is dependent on our metabolism. Thus, more than anything else, we must master a great sensitivity to this influential force which is called agni in traditional Ayurveda medicine.

Ayurveda Cleansing

For Ayurveda cleansing, health is defined as having a body clear with toxins, efficient elimination of wastes, and well-functioning organs. This explains why Ayurveda medicine gives emphasis to the body’s metabolism. It believes that metabolism is at the center of physiological transformation affecting the mind and spirit. Hence, having poor dietary habits weaken digestion and as such, accumulate toxins in the body and manifests in the mind through lack of cognitive clarity and in spirit through stress and fatigue.

Detoxification under Ayurveda medicine puts prime consideration into good and balanced diet. But not only good diet; Ayurveda cleansing also infuses in it meditation process.

Modern Ayurveda cleansing stresses that the first and key step to detoxification is decreasing our intake of junk food. This includes reducing the amount taking in processed food and fast food by 30% and reducing soda and coffee intake by 25%. Specifically, cleansing under Ayurveda also gives primacy to eating organic fruits and vegetables and developing the practice of drinking organic tea to ensure a good bowel cycle. The trick here is to focus on food that has high fiber value and good carbohydrates to maintain a balanced metabolism and fluid cycle for the elimination of wastes from the body.

The last part of Ayurveda cleansing is meditation. Ayurveda posits that the amount of energy we waste on stress, overthinking and poor concentration is way more than focusing energy to more positive and reinvigorating thoughts. Having impurities in the mind and spirit leads to disease and undergoing Ayurveda cleansing will compel you to sit in silence and meditate for a few minutes every day. Having time to free one’s mind with negativities allow the body, mind and spirit to relax and get away with adrenaline rush which exhausts our energy.


With these two simple steps, Ayurveda cleansing is achieved. You have to remind yourself that detoxification means renewal of lost energy and an overhaul of stressed mind and body. Ayurveda cleansing though seemingly easy reminds us of what we take for granted in a long day of meeting deadlines and making both ends meet. Ayurveda cleansing, when habitually mastered will give us a refuge in the harsh situations we are embarking in. As they say, health is wealth and health means a sound body, mind and spirit. That’s the promise of Ayurveda cleansing.

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