An Acquisition All Your Own: Mental Benefits of Collecting


An Acquisition All Your Own: Mental Benefits of CollectingCollecting is a passion enjoyed by millions of people. You can collect anything that captures your interest, from pebbles to priceless works of art. Some people collect hoping that their items will appreciate in value, but many more collect objects for the enjoyment and satisfaction. Here are some of the mental benefits to starting a collection of your own.

Pleasant Associations

Often, people will think of their collections in terms of acquiring souvenirs rather than consciously adding to their collections. For instance, someone interested in figurines might stop at gift shops on their travels and pick something up as a reminder of a great vacation, holiday, or special events like weddings. They can later look on these figurines and recall the pleasant memories they invoke. Others might draw inspiration from subjects they’re fascinated by or instinctively drawn to, such as fossils, afghans, or pieces of driftwood. Whatever their nature, if you follow your heart in collecting, your items will captivate you every time you handle or look on them.

Educate Yourself

Some people will collect physical items as part of advancing their knowledge. If you are fascinated by the Victorian era, you might start collecting Victorian antiques, or collect baseball cards as a fan of the sport. By researching each item you acquire, you’ll increase your knowledge of the subject. This helps to build your confidence, refine your tastes, and provide even more satisfaction from your collectibles.

Improve Your Collecting

You might eventually become something of an expert on your subject, but you’ll also learn more about collecting itself. The more you learn, the better sense you’ll have of values, markets, condition grades, or spotting genuine items vs. Counterfeits or reproductions. This is important knowledge to have if you’re interested in someday reselling items to gain monetary rewards. If that’s your goal, you’re essentially learning skills that could become a sideline or full-time profession.

Coin Collecting

One excellent example of all these ideas is coin collecting. It’s a very popular hobby enjoyed by a wide community that includes everyone from those who hoard old pennies to professional coin dealers. Each government-issued coin is not only a piece of history, but a small work of art. Some U.S. coins like Morgan dollars or St. Gaudens gold pieces are renowned for their beauty as well as marketability. Silver coins often acquire a rainbow-like show of color after years of oxidation. Collecting coins is so popular because it fascinates at so many levels.

Whether you’re collecting elephant figurines to accentuate your home décor, or poring through a coin price guide, everyone will find mental benefits in acquiring new items. You may find more emotional reward by giving them away as gifts or putting them on display. No matter what your passion is, collecting will only improve the pleasure it brings.

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