New Recipe Book Puts Creative Twist on Trendy Overnight Oats [Plus Infographic Guide]


New Recipe Book Puts Creative Twist on Trendy Overnight Oats [Plus Infographic Guide]Overnight Oats are now a firm favorite with fitness foodies and lifestyle bloggers (and readers) alike. In fact, their popularity has doubled since this time last year according to Google Trends. And it’s no wonder, given their impressive nutrition credentials, simplicity to prepare, and endless flavor and topping combos.

The latest recipe book to hit Amazon, ‘Healthy Overnight Oats’, looks set to boost this trend even higher. It’s packed with creative flavor combinations, ideal for anyone looking for healthy breakfast ideas that are quick to prepare AND taste amazing.

Whether it’s about managing cholesterol or just enjoying a healthier lifestyle, oats provide a host of nutritional benefits. But overnight oats aren’t just a super-healthy breakfast… They’re a quick and convenient meal that can fit easily into any morning routine. Save time, minimise washing up, and enjoy a healthy breakfast daily, with these inspiring recipes.

The book features 50 delicious recipes, made from nutritious ingredients, to start the day the best possible way. From strawberry sundae to spiced apple, and banana cappuccino to lemon & raspberry, it includes both classic flavours and innovative ingredient combinations, that’ll nourish from the inside out.

Plus it includes advice about healthy ingredient selection, to avoid inadvertently sabotaging that wholesome breakfast. Here are a few tips for selecting the right type of oats for a nutritious breakfast…

  • Rolled oats (also known as old fashioned oats) are ideal since they result in a lovely smooth texture when soaked overnight.
  • Steel cut oats are just as nutritious, but are a little crunchier, so if you prefer a bit more bite or texture then go for these.
  • You can also use instant oatmeal too, just keep an eye on the ingredients list. They’re often pre-flavoured, with mouth-watering names like apple and cinnamon, or golden syrup. But in reality this means they have a lot more sugar and unnatural ingredients than plain options, so might not be as healthy as you’d hoped.

Healthy Overnight Oats was written by Caroline Risby, a fitness industry professional with a passion for health promotion. Caroline is keen to simplify healthy eating, and make it accessible to more people.

“I’ve always loved making healthy meals, but struggled to find recipes that were simple yet nutritious AND tasty. I’d search through endless websites and cookbooks looking for ideas, but get put off by long lists of ingredients, or unusual items that weren’t a staple in my kitchen. So I decided to put my fitness and nutrition background to good use, and get creative.”

Caroline graduated from the UK’s leading sports university, Loughborough University with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and English. She’s a certified personal trainer, and has worked for a global fitness equipment supplier for almost ten years.

Healthy Overnight Oats is available now, in digital Kindle format from Amazon. Healthy, delicious breakfasts have never been so easy!

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Here’s a helpful infographic on how to make healthy overnight oats:

How to Make Healthy Overnight Oats [Infographic]

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