The Third Eye Meditation Technique


The Kundalini theory of yoga gives much importance to the third eye – the Ajna chakra. It is believed to be an enlightened state of consciousness that facilitates communication between a person and the universe around him. When dormant, its energy is obscured. But when aroused, one notices miraculous effects, a new level of energy begins to flow through your body and everything behaves in a different way.

The third eye meditation technique is not about gaining psychic powers, nor does it mean that someone has a physical third eye on their forehead. It simply means that another dimension of perception has been revealed to the person and he/she is now capable of seeing past the physical limitations of our eyes. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible with proper meditation techniques.

Prepare Yourself

Before you begin to perfect a meditation technique and arouse your chakras, you must prepare your body, mind and have a grasp on your emotions. If your body is not ready to accept the levels of energy that activated chakras can release into it, the chances of something going wrong increase. Seek guidance from an experienced yogi, for the risks of rising the kundalini without the necessary supportive atmosphere is not advisable.

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The Third Eye Meditation Technique

Step 1

Begin by placing yourself in a place and position that offers you comfort and relaxation of body, mind and emotions. Peaceful environment is essential for the success of any meditation technique for it is only then that your mind, body and emotions cease to disturb your meditation. It is a very personal experience, so irrespective of the meditation technique you are using, choose an environment you are most comfortable with. If you are not comfortable with sitting on the ground, use a sturdy cushion or you could also look into another meditation technique called walking meditation.

Step 2

Sit comfortably with your spine erect and place your palms on your knees. As you close your eyes, focus your hearing on the sound of your breathing and calm your mind. Let your random thoughts cease and focus them on your breathing. Do not worry about failing to do so. You will perfect your meditation techniques as time progresses. Remember, it is a process of personal discovery, therefore, everyone has their own meditation technique .The more you practice it easier it will be to find your own.

Step 3

Place the focus of your attention towards the area between your eyebrows. In some cases, it might help to raise your eyeballs at an angle of about 25 degrees with your eyes closed and maintain focus at that point. If you lose attention, do not rebuke yourself for it. Just realize that you have, accept it without a mental note or comment and return your attention to your breathing and the focal point between your eyebrows. In the beginning phases of your practice, you may use embellishments to your meditation technique. Use your thumb and middle finger to gently persuade your eyes to stay closed while placing your index finger between your eyebrows and focusing on it with your eyes closed. It helps prevent fluttering of the eyelids that can be a distraction in the beginning.

As you begin to perfect the meditation technique you won’t need these external stimuli as you get used to the sensations that your meditation technique induces in you.

Step 4

As you focus your vision between your eyebrows, you will sense a light appearing at the center of your inner field of vision. Allow the light to come to you without hindrance. Let it fill your being with the perception of reality that was obfuscated from your vision. The more you continue practicing this meditation technique, the more you will find yourself revealing the illusions of your perceived reality. As you begin to realize the truth, you will realize that you are a part of a larger universe beyond yourself. The incessant chatter of your mind will readily lose itself in the transcendent light of love, a light that glows within and without you.

The concept of third eye meditation technique is to let you discover a reality that has been hidden from you over time. Do remember to allow yourself ample time to find and perfect your meditation technique. Once you have unlocked yourself and opened an unrestricted perspective to your mind, you will find yourself free of habitual reactivity of your universe. The fear and anxiety attached to the constricted view of life will end and will be replaced with an effortless amalgamation of your mind and body with the universe.


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