Tree Pose Yoga (Vrikshasana): Steps and Health Benefits


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Tree Pose or Vrikshasana is a basic yoga pose which gives one a sense of balance and poise. Vriksha means tree and asana means a yoga pose. Hence the purpose of practicing tree pose yoga is to replicate the graceful stance of a tree.

How to Do Tree Pose Yoga

  1. Stand with your feet together and find composure in tadasana (the mountain pose). Breathe deeply and find comfort, steadiness, and firmness in tadasana.
  2. Shift your weight onto the right foot. Bend your left knee and place the sole of your left foot on the inner right thigh.
  3. Gaze forward to help you balance.
  4. Join the palms and raise the arms straight over the head.
  5. Be in this position for 3-5 deep breaths or prolong it to 10 breaths if you’re comfortable in this position.
  6. Exhale deeply and bring your left leg back to tadasana. Repeat on the other side.

Unlike many other yoga poses, the tree pose is practiced with your eyes open. As you begin the practice, you may find it difficult to maintain your balance and poise. But with time and regular practice, you will overcome the initial hurdle.

Watch the video below and learn to master this simple technique.

Health Benefits of Tree Pose Yoga

  • It helps improve balance and poise
  • It helps improve concentration
  • It tones the leg muscles and makes them strong
  • It helps people who suffer from sciatica
  • It also alleviates symptoms of anxiety and depression by helping you focus your mind on the present moment.

Stay tuned for more articles. In the meantime, you can also check the Yoga 101 series archives to learn a few other simple yoga poses.

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