Only A True “P.G. Wodehouse” Fan Can Get 13/15 On This Quiz


Only A True "P.G. Wodehouse" Fan Can Get 13/15 On This QuizHow well do you know P.G. Wodehouse? How familiar are you with his work and characters? Do you think you know everything you need to know about Blandings Castle? How about Bertie and Wooster and the loquacious pub raconteur Mr Mulliner?

The Ultimate Wodehouse Quiz is the perfect opportunity for you to test your knowledge of the world of Wodehouse. So take this quiz and let us know how much you scored in the comments below or share your score on Twitter.

Need another incentive to take this quiz? Answer all 15 questions to receive a free “Top 75 Wodehouse Quotes” PDF that you can access at all times — it’s just like Jeeves’ special pick-me-up that will cure a dull day.

Note: If you’re having trouble seeing the quiz above, please visit this link to answer the questions and get your score.

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